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Rate of Satisfaction of Veterans with Supplementary Insurance and Their Families from Inpatient Services

Methods: The study is a cross-sectional one and after random sampling 210 was studied. The trained interviewers collected the data through telephone interviews. After entering the data through SPSS software, descriptive and analytical statistics were performed using chi-square test and …

Maftoon F, Mousavi B, Soroush MR, Mohammad K, Rahimpoor D & Khobyaryan A

Iran J War Public Health 2017 Nov,9(4):211-216


Research Article

Civilian casualties of Iraqi ballistic missile attack to Tehran, capital of Iran

OBJECTIVE: To determine the pattern of causalities of Iraqi ballistic missile attacks on Tehran, the capital of Iran, during Iraq-Iran war. METHODS: Data were extracted from the Army Staff Headquarters based on daily reports of Iranian army units during the war …

Khaji A, Fallahdoost S, Soroush MR & Rahimi-Movaghar V

Chin J Traumatol. 2012 Jun;15(3): 162-165