It is estimated that 564,108 people nationwide were injured over the 8 years of the Iran-Iraq conflict (1980-1988), which corresponds to a rate of 0.7% of the Iranian population. In the long term, these survivors suffer from various war-related disorders as a consequence of former injury. Within the last thirty years, this population has aged or they are about to start their later life. Given the fact that by aging even normal individuals are susceptible to chronic illnesses and psychological distress, our injured veterans face worse psychological and physical conditions.

The Janbazan Medical and Engineering Research Center (JMERC), with the support of Veterans and Martyr Affair Foundation (VMAF), has conducted several distinct surveys in which groups of veterans with a particular injury were studied. The key aim of these studies was to promote health and help develop veterans’ abilities to manage their personal and social lives. The scientific teams visit and determine the required medical, health and rehabilitation services for each case, and appropriate measures are taken at the study site.